connecting the village artisan designers to the fashion chnge-makers

The challenge

The traditional handicraft skills are disappearing in Cambodia
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the heritage

In Cambodia, weaving has been a long tradition. It dates to as early as the twelfth century, when textiles were used in trade during Angkorian times.

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way of life

Traditional weaving is a craft that is passed down from grandmothers to mothers to daughters. In rural villages, every family has a hand loom under the porch. The women weave fabrics while tending to their families.

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What went wrong

Unfortunately today, weaving is not valued the way it used to be in Cambodia. Most of the rural young women view it as outdated and “uncool”. The only other choice they have is to become a garment factory worker working on less than $0.50/hour

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so what?

As the handmade products are gaining importance, this sector can be a vehicle to help the rural families to tap into the potential of growing market of ethical fashion and leverage on it to achieve personal and community economic development.

“[It] is more than merely beautiful, it is a fabric infused with something deeper, a call to a forgotten wilderness, to the blood that runs beneath our skins, to a passionate cry for life and living." -Kikuo Morimoto

our vision

connecting village artisan designers to the fashion designers and the end customers
Fashionabled village

Turn the limiting factors into opportunities. Initiating the economic progress through village fashion entrepreneurs. Introduction of fashion as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of villagers, guilt free pleasure for the consumers and helping the brands developing change maker leaders of the future by providing real opportunities to make differnce by sharing their expertise and resources. This can be achieved by tapping into the power of fashion and innovation to develop a community that creates a blue print for economic development and personal empowerment for entire value chain.

  • The Changemakers

  • Train and mentor

  • Connect to market & resources

  • each one mentors one more


People behind the amazing products

Linda Meas

CEO and Change Entrepreneur
Linda is passionate about the community economic development through fashion. She is a natural leader who grew up in the village. She holds MBA and worked with various NGOs before taking over her won family social business.

Siphen & Mach

Co-founder of the Cambodian Weaving Village
The Cambodian Weaving Village project in Takeo, our first workshop est. 2013 is the key foundation of our overall vision of the impact through village entrepreneurship.

Sophal Yann

Workshop Manager
Sophal is from the village nearby and was working in a garment factory before she joined our team. She studied accounting and has an amazing attention to detail.

The weavers

The village change makers
We have team of 10 weavers at the Cambodian Weaving Village

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